AARON MASON (Engineer)

I’ve always been in love with sound, engineering and being the celebrated ‘fifth member’ of the band. I spent the beginning of my career working in the heart of Hollywood from 2001 at Bell Sound Studio. In 2007 I met Alex and we recorded ‘The Vintage Room’ with Cash McCall, therein laying the foundations of a lasting friendship.

I grew up in a lil rock n roll town, Athens Ohio, where my bones were soaked in music. Whether it be jam sessions in the basement, turning records all night long, singing in a band or messing around with a 4 track, my love affair has never ceased. I was at Bell Sound for many fruitful years working with numerous bands and artists. Eventually going on tour to Australia with ‘Love In The Circus’ where I met my beautiful wife. I’ve lived inAustralia for the past 7 years now, continuing to hone my ears with projects from around the globe.


Alex Dixon and Cash McCall (Blues) / Miguel Gutierrez (Latin) / Eric Harget Trio- Joey / DeFrancesco, Gerry Gibbs (Jazz) / Love In The Circus (Independent Rock) / Bunna Lawrie and / The Whale Dreamers (Cultural rock) / Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain (Jazz Rock) / Ravi Coltrane / Hang’em High / Vinnie Colaiuta / DeadBeatz / BlechBarrage / Gerry Gibb’s and the / Thrasher Band / Costa Rae / Queen V and Lemmy (MotorHead) / The Spirit Theory / Louis Price (The Temptations) / Jaime James (King Bees) / Dennis Quaid and The Sharks / Whaia / Abigail Rockwell / The Beautiful Mothers / Radio America / The Second Academy / Lords of Jack / Dubious Vogel / Dreams of Indigo / Tables of Content / Foul Play / Tough Cats / Parachute / Octane Gypsy / Beef Curtain Cowboys / Elemnopy / Katy J / John Trusso / M7 / The Black Mollys / and many others……